Why Dazoriginal?

  • We promise to uphold our own 30 day money back guarantee (please see our return policy)
  • We are registered on Trustpilot!
  • We promise to ship all orders within 24 hours (Friday orders sent Monday)
  • We promise to package each item with care and excellence + a free Dazoriginal pen with each order
  • We take a personal pride in our company and customer care we strive to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction ?

Dazoriginal is a small but growing family business that has been developed with love and care each step of the way. Each product is hand chosen or developed by one of our partners in house.

We do not sell anything we do not personally use or endorse as a great product that is worth its value.

We promise to personally inspect each product for flaws and ensure each one is up to scratch and in perfect condition!

We manufacture our own products and are the sole distributors of all our handmade branded Dazoriginal products.  

Our Dazoriginal Manufactured products are:
Dazoriginal Breastfeeding Covers 100% Cotton
Dazoriginal Extra Large Laundry Bags 100% Cotton
Dazoriginal Small Bag Insert Organizational Bags 100% Cotton
Dazoriginal Buddy Taggies Taglet Security Blanket for Babies 100% Cotton
Dazoriginal Taggies Taglet Security Blankets for Babies 100% Cotton
Dazoriginal Pillow Blankets for Children and Babies 100% Cotton
Dazoriginal Real Brown Leather Dog Collar and Real Brown Leather Dog Lead 100% Bull Leather – All Natural production – no harsh chemicals or tanning used

We are consistently working on new products and developing our products range not only in size but in higher quality and better resale price to our customers.

We are listed on:

We have a recorded business model on Amazon and Ebay and are now working to build our personal website to offer better prices without the referral fees we pay on other sites.

Our promise to you our customer is to always listen and go up and above the normal to exceed your expectations and build a trusting relationship with you.

Till next time this is the Dazoriginal team saying

“Do everything with love, love for others, love for yourself and love for the world. Together we can live in a happier and safer world for our children and each other”