Corporate Offer for Dazoriginal Wholesale Products

Dazoriginal is the sole manufacturer and distributor of Dazoriginal 100% cotton Laundry Bags, Nursing Covers, Small Drawstring bags and Kraft Gift Bags, all handmade in Bulgaria.

Over the past 5 years we have perfected our Unique Laundry Bag, Nursing Cover and Gift Bag designs to exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

  • Dazoriginal Laundry bags and Small drawstring bags are now being featured in thousands of Hotels, B&B’s, Guest Houses, Rental Apartments and Yachts around the world and provide guests with luxury laundry services 
  • Dazoriginal Gift bags are the luxurious touch need to complete and elevate any Wedding, Party or Business Event
  •  Dazoriginal Nursing covers provide elegant comfort for both mothers and guests in public settings

As a result of the phenomenal response from business interested in our laundry bags, we have decided to offer our designer Laundry bags, Nursing covers, Small drawstring Bags and Gift bags on a wholesale level in addition to our standard retail division.

LAUNDRY BAGS – Unique design featuring a comfortable strap for hanging or carrying 

  • Generous size laundry bag with drawstring and Comfort Carry Strap
  • Easily hung washing basket. Beautiful designs 100% Cotton
  • Ideal for limited space – Collapsible laundry bag folds flat
  • Measures Aprox: 66 x 48 cm (Strap 54cm)




Available in Any color of your choice/Available with Embroider Services

SMALL DRAWSTRING BAGS – Classic cotton drawstring bags for Pool & Spa days

An excellent option to offer guests to keep their belonging together while in the Spa or at the pool.


NURSING COVERS –  Elegant discreet coverage for both mothers and guests in public spaces

Additional Nursing Covers Options: Available in any color of your choice/Embroider Services 

GIFT BAGS – Luxurious Elegant High quality Kraft and Laminate paper gift bags.  Finished with thick silky Ribbon Accents in a variety of colors, sizes and designs

The perfect touch to any Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Party, Conference or Business Event!

Additional Gift Bag Options: Available in a variety of colours/ In a wide variety of sizes

Bespoke quotations are available for any combination of products and quantities. Please contact us today for a quote to suit your individual needs: Tel: 00359 87 792 8938

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