Dazoriginal a Family Business Expanding to America

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Dazoriginal is proud to announce the opening of our American based e-commerce shop on Amazon.com and through our personal e-comerce shop www.dazoriginal.com. All American orders are now processed and shipped from Florida for quick and easy online shopping at low prices.


Dazoriginal opened for business on the 1st of February 2014 and has been growing steadily ever since.  The opening product listings totaled only 5 and have now become the core retail lines, most of which are manufactured by Dazoriginal in house.

By the end of 2014, Dazoriginal’s product range reached just over 20 products and went on to a healthy 129 products in 2016.  Dazoriginal is consistently growing and expanding, in not only the product range, but the business strength globally.


The featured Summer products include:

Mens Genuine Leather Ratchet Slidebelts in brown, black and silver

100% Cotton Ladies Bucket Sun Hats in white and brown with a bow accent and full Anti UV protection

100% Cotton Linen Kitchen Aprons for Ladies and Grill Aprons for Men in all Superhero designs

Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs and Tweezers for grilling and summer parties

Portable Stainless Steel Hewolf Cutlery sets in red, blue, green and orange

Ladies Summer Scarves in black, grey, blue, navy, green, teal, yellow, red, and brown

Kids Superhero Costumes complete with cape, mask, belt and cuffs

Dazoriginal 100% Cotton Nursing Covers and 100% Cotton Drawstring Laundry Storage Bags

Dazoriginal Small and Large multicolored Gift Bags in sets of 10

Dazoriginal 100% Bull Strip Leather Dog Collars, Leads and Cat Collars 100% Natural no chemicals


Dazoriginal is the manufacturer and sole distributor of Dazoriginal products. Dazoriginal manufactures and distributes Dazoriginal products in Cyprus by South Africans 😉 There is absolutely no compromising on quality, materials, structure or design.

Dazoriginal is committed to customer service and excellence and promises to treat each customer as a personal friend. Dazoriginal’s online presence is growing through other channels such as social media featuring facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Dazoriginal.com. Trustpilot has also begun to gain a presence proving the commitment and heart the Dazoriginal team puts into each and every order.



Finally Dazoriginal has been ranked as part of the Top 10,000 Sellers on Amazon Italy, France, and Spain, while close behind that on Amazon UK and Germany. In addition, the latest opening of Dazoriginal Amazon.com in 2016 is sure to impress.

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