Dazoriginal Is Celebrating Its Grand Opening with Free Coupons 15% Off

Dazoriginal Is Proud To Announce The Grand Opening Of Our Store Front – newswire

Dazoriginal is a new website that ships worldwide. Dazoriginal is growing every day and gaining a presence in the market. We are committed to the highest customer satisfaction and service. We are selectively searching through hundreds of products to bring the best and most unique items to the market place. Dazoriginal announces its first free coupons available for online shopping for Mother’s day and Father’s day or any gift giving occasion. Collect your 15 percent off free coupons by visiting our website and emailing our team for your free coupon code.

It is with great excitement that DazOriginal announces our first grand opening sale offering 15 percent off, to all customers with any purchase on Amazon or Dazoriginal websites. Just email our team for your discount code.

Mother’s day and Father’s day are just around the corner and ordering your gifts ahead of time will ensure a hassle free experience for everyone. Dazoriginal has listings consisting of unique and high quality gifts for everyone. We also list party bags for kids, gift bags and paper gift bags.

All products are packaged in decorative paper and sealed with a hand written note, it is then placed in a strong protective box and shipped out with a tracking number and priority registered postage to ensure safe and fast delivery.

Some exciting items that cannot be found anywhere else are our handmade, Russian hats, baseball caps, and coffee cup sets. Each item is carefully checked for quality and craftsmanship. There is no product sold that we would not personally be proud to own or give as a gift.

Our Russian hats are one of a kind 100% genuine leather lambskin with faux fur, a great accessory for a warm winter day.

Our cat mugs are great as a coffee cup or tea cup and come in a set of two. They are handmade and so lightweight, weighing in at only 150 grams each. Made from high quality clay and finished in a high gloss coating they are virtually stain resistant.

Our 100% genuine leather lambskin baseball caps are the perfect gift for any father or man in the house.

Dazoriginal will be adding new products every month and regularly offering free coupons through emails and campaigns, they will be added randomly so follow us on Twitter @Dazoriginal, or Facebook or Pinterest to be sure to stay up to date on our offers and products.

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