Handmade Genuine Cow & Bull Leather Dog Collars and Leads

Dazoriginal is proud to launch our brand new handmade cow and bull leather collars and leads made in Bulgaria with Bulgarian leather. We have begun production of handmade leather dog collars and leather dog leads with our design and quality control standards. We are supporting the local community and economy while making them available to the world on our website and Amazon.co.uk.

We have produced a wide variety of dog collars and dog leads ranging in color, size, strength, and leather. Our range consists of Cow leather dog collars from 46cm x 1.5xm x 3mm in size to 70cm x 4cm x 5mm, leads of 106cm x 1.5cm x 4mm and short leads for dangerous dogs of 39cm x 2.5cm x 4mm in length.  We also have pig leather dog collars and bull leather dog collars.

Each item is handmade from the tanning processing to the finished product. We process the leather using only natural products that will not harm the dogs or environment. Each dog collar or lead is then cut, marked and finished with metal finishes. The leather used is grade 2 leather and extremely strong and durable with an excellent finish.

Our collars are beautiful but more importantly made for use and safety the dog, the owner, and the people interacting with the dogs. Our collars and leads are made not to tear, snap or break withstanding even the strongest dogs such as Pit bulls, German Shepherds, Bull dogs, and Rottweiler’s. We use bull leather that is 5mm thick and cow leather that varies from 3mm to 5mm in thickness.

Dazoriginal dog collars have been produced and packaged with care and craftsmanship. We hope that our collars and leads exceed the expectations and needs of our customers and dogs alike.

Please visit our amazon web store or website to view our collection currently available. Remember to check back regularly as we will be adding more models and sizes shortly.


Fresh Fun Summer Infinity Scarves

Dazoriginal is excited to announce the launch of our handmade t-shirt infinity scarves available in seven colors and our polyester/viscose blend infinity scarves available in 12 colors.

For women especially it is increasingly harder to dress for work or play and stay in fashion at an affordable price. A great way to revive a tired or dated outfit is to add a modern twist with a stylish, trendy infinity scarf.

Our infinity scarves are made from 100% cotton T-Shirt material or a polyester/viscose blend that is so soft it is hard to let it go. Our scarves are light weight and beautiful with a wide range of bold colors and styles.

Infinity scarves are not only stylish and trendy in 2014 fashion but they are very functional. These scarfs do not fall down while working in an office or get caught while handling children; they simply accessorize an outfit and stay out of the way. One of the biggest issues with accessories in the workplace or any other environment is functionality because irritating or loud items that cause disruption of activities get thrown out of a wardrobe rotation sooner than later.

A soft, stylish and compact infinity scarf is the perfect complement for anyone as it overcomes the traditional issues with scarves, while adding fun and color to an outfit. For someone who is opposed to wearing traditional scarves we would suggest experimenting with an infinity scarf and discovering the ease and simplicity of accessorizing with this little gem.

We are not only offering a variety of colors and materials that our infinity scarves are made from; we are offering them at an amazing price without compromising on quality or care.

Dazoriginal is able to offer so many quality products at an affordable price because of our base in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a European country that is still working on its own currency which is weaker against the Pound or Euro making the cost of goods low enough to offer amazing products to the world at a price level that anyone can appreciate. Our goal is to please our guests and provide a wonderful shopping or gift giving experience for all.

Each item is inspected for defects, wrapped in gift paper and carefully packed into a parcel and sent with priority shipping off to the lucky recipient. For special orders or more information please visit our website www.dazoriginal.com or Amazon webstore.

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