New Site – Dazoriginal Handmade Bulgarian Clay Cookware, Clay Dishes and more

Dazoriginal is extremely excited and proud to announce the launch of our e-commerce shop and Amazon store front offering a variety of high quality unique gifts and items.

Dazoriginal is a Bulgarian based company that sources and lists the highest quality products at an affordable price to the rest of the world. Our aim is to provide original Bulgarian made products of the highest quality at the best possible prices.

One Item we are very excited to launch is our handmade high quality, super light clay coffee or tea cups weighing only 150 grams each. They are gorgeous hand crafted; hand painted individually designed lightweight clay cups that are one of a kind. Each cup is slightly unique as each one is made by hand with the greatest care and passion.

For a truly unique one of a kind gift for any occasion, these cups will fit into any home.

There are a number of designs including, dogs, geckos, rabbits, birds and most all other animals, flowers or abstract designs, for more information contact us.

We have sourced a number of handmade original clay cookware, clay dishes, clay pots, clay cups, clay jugs, cheese plates, cheese boards, snack bowls, tapas dishes, salad bowls and many more clay products. We also specialize in copper carafes, copper decanters, copper cups, copper sets and copper pots all handmade in Bulgaria. These are coming soon; sign up with our newsletter for notifications when they arrive.

Among our launch items are handmade Lambskin leather hats, Russian Cossack hats, handmade cookware, and some beautiful gift bags, party bags, birthday party bags and other favor bags.

You will not find these products easily unless you travel to Bulgaria, but the irresistible quality and craftsmanship is so unique and beautiful, it cannot be missed.

We are constantly looking for new and exceptional items to add to our catalogue, through our travels and connections in the Bulgarian market. We also source special order items for individuals through our contact section, so if you would like a specific item just contact us! We will be releasing regular coupons so visit us or subscribe to our notifications on our website and catch our discounts and first listing specials.

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